CJ Fam

You thought Rebecca Black was young, check out the newest star of Ark Music Factory: CJ Fam.

So she’s about 8 years old, and all she wants to be is…well Hannah Montana. During the day, an ordinary pop star that brings nothing new to the music world and just spews out the same old lyrics to the same old beat. And at night, she wants to be her normal 10 year old self because being harassed by paparazzi all the time is just a huge drag. Well, that sounds like a Disney channel tv show doesn’t it?

Surprisingly enough, she was an okay voice. Actually, with my eyes closed “Ordinary Pop Star” kind of sounds like something Ke$ha would sing (By the way, “Tik Tok” is pretty much “Friday” but with much more booze and filth.)

But what disturbs me about “Ordinary Pop Star” is the fact that she’s doing this so young. Yes Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were young, but they were in their mid-teens. CJ Fam has 30-year-old men opening car doors for her and approving her music video. It’s again this adult serves the famous, smart kid theme.

I guess people like CJ Fam if they’re under 13 and they want to be famous too. They see that if you nag your rich parents enough, they’ll get you a music video and BAM, you’re the next Rebecca Black. Kids have always wanted to be famous, but the fact that actually attaining fame is so easy now must change kids’ attitudes.

The worst part is Ark Music Factory has a lot more teen/kid sensations coming our way. Will this cheap, heartless music be the only thing we hear about or will Ark eventually fade away?


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