Beauty Pageants

The inspiration for my project and at first my first point of focus: beauty pageants.

Like most people, I am extremely terrified when I see before and after shots of the kids in and out of their full show get-up: wigs, glitter, flappers, make-up, spray-on tans, high heels and lots of attitude. Five-year-olds suddenly and magically turn into 16-year-olds which I find could be not only traumatizing, but also harm her childhood.

However, lots of participants (and their moms) strongly believe that it helps their self-esteem by showing off their stuff at a young age. They soon can become confident young adults and know that they are beautiful, strong and talented.

But is participating in beauty pageants mean that you lose an essential part of your childhood? And if it does, how does that affect the child’s future? This section wants to examine the phenomenon of beauty pageants on a kid’s childhood and how it can also affect his or her future.

Here’s a funny video I found which pretty much sums up the most common fears and opinions we have on the beauty pageant phenomena.


2 Responses to Beauty Pageants

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Ewww, the picture of that little girl all dolled up in make up and pink dress just creeps me out. It’s not what the kid wants, it more to the fact that those parents want it that way.

  2. imana says:

    i am sorry about this crime.let them play.let them stay in childhood

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