Every since I knew what a stage was, my mom (who was born in the USA and raised in Florida) told me traumatizing stories about beauty pageants and how she would never ever sign me up i one. At first, I thought just a few crazed, competitive moms would sign up their kids from time to time into a show for fun.

I had the misfortune to watch a few episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC and I am still shocked about everything that is going on. The mothers encourage their children to sell themselves to judges for cash. Hmm…

We all wanted to be older when we were kids; I couldn’t wait until I could drive, go to high school, grow taller, etc. But are kids now pushing themselves too far now? Are we witnessing the disappearance of childhood?

And I just don’t mean 5-year-olds wearing flappers and wigs. Why are 12-years-olds exposed to sex so early? When I was 12, boys were still icky. And yesterday, I learned at my job (yes I rant about this place all the time, sorry) that one of the teenager’s mother gave birth to her when she was 13. Okay, 16 is a young age, but 13? What has happened here?

As for the medium of developing this idea, still in process. But I would like to develop the idea before I go nuts on the presentation.

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